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General Information
Debt and money index Explanation of financial terms
Advice on how to tackle your debts Dealing with people you owe money to
Options for paying back your debts


Frequently asked questions - CAB Frequently asked questions - Debtline
Citizens Advice fact sheets National Debtline fact sheets
Bailiffs Harassment
Bailiffs and Council Tax Can I complain about my lender
Debt relief orders - CAB IVA - Individual Voluntary Arrangement
Debt relief orders - Debtline Debt Management Plan
Getting information about your credit agreement What if a creditor refuses my offer of payment
What happens if you are taken to court for money you owe Payment Protection Insurance
Credit reference agencies How to avoid debt at Christmas
Self Help Packs, Budget Sheets & Sample Letters
Booklet - Dealing with your debts Ideas for getting more money
Self help pack - negotiating with creditors when you have NO available income  Self help pack - negotiating with creditors when you have SOME available income
Bugeting Budget sheet
Budgeting Tool / Financial Statement Sample debt letters - CAB
Sample letters - Debtline Sample complaint letter for payment protection insurance
Bankruptcy - CAB

Bankruptcy - Debtline

Guide to Bankruptcy - Insolvency Service How to petition for your own bankruptcy
Information about your bank account when you go bankrupt Information about your home when you go bankrupt
What happens when you are interviewed by the official receiver Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders
Information for Creditors
A guide for creditors  
National Debtline 0808 808 4000
Consumer Credit Counselling Service 0800 138 1111
The Insolvency Service Insolvency: 0845 602 9848
Redundancy: 0845 145 0004
Payplan 0800 280 2816
mobile calls may be cheaper on 0207 760 8980
Community Legal Advice
Getting legal advice and legal aid
Help line 08453 454345
Business Debtline 0800 197 6026
Business Link Help Line 0845 600 9006
Types of Debt
Business debt Mortgage arrears
Catalogue debts Mortgage shortfalls
Child support and maintenance arrears Negative equity
Council tax arrears Parking penalties
Court fines Prisoners and debt
Debts after someone dies Rent arrears
Gas and electricity arrears Student debt
Hire purchase debt Water rate arrears and water trust funds
Income tax debt
Legal Matters
Administration Orders How to set aside a judgement in the County Court
Attachment of Earnings Interest charges after a judgement
Charging Orders Liability for debt and the Limitations Act
Time Orders Magistrate Court Fines
Dealing with a statutory demand Reducing payments or suspending a bailiffs warrant on a County Court judgement
Dealing with debts in the High Court Replying to a County Court claim form
Full and Final Settlements offers